Full auto tableting machine AUTOTAB-500 SERIES 500/535 Full auto tableting machine AUTOTAB-500 SERIES 500/535

Max tableting speed30 tab/min

For making tablets Ideal for small lot production / experiment.

It is a small sized automatic tableting machine which is easy to move / install.


Standard model AUTOTAB-500
Compact ,easy operation and low price

For small diameter lock with diameter less than 12 mm
Since the pressure gauge is equipped as standard, it can operate safely

Top model AUTOTAB-535
Max φ20 mm, 35 KN

It is one size larger than AUTOTAB 500, Optional control function can be added.
It is possible to output tablet data


Up to 30 tablets can be made in 1 minute

The AUTOTAB-500 series is a one-shot tabletting machine that is easy to prepare and clean up easily.
It is suitable for small lot production of 100 ~ 10,000 tablets / day, for experimental purposes, for practical training.



mint tab




Features of the AUTOTAB-500 series

  • Compact and easy to install and move

    Since the caster is attached to the main unit, you can easily move.

  • Safety design

    The body is covered with a panel, and the door is interlocked.

  • Easy attachment and detachment of tools

    Replacement of tablet touring can be done in 3 minutes.

  • Max 30tab/1min

    Production speed can be adjusted freely

  • Also supports shaped tablets

    When changing the mold, tablets of various shapes can be made.

  • The pressure gauge is equipped as standard

    It is possible to monitor accurate tableting pressure

  • You can also drive by hand.

    Handle for manual operation is included

  • Made in Japan

    Punch and die can be made as well as the main body

Detailed description

  • Tabletting area

    Tabletting area

  • Hopper tank(1L)

    Hopper tank(1L)

  • Digital pressure gauge

    Digital pressure gauge

  • Handle for manual operation

    Handle for manual operation

  • Touch panel (option)

    Touch panel (option)






Max pressure 2500kgf(25kN) 3500kgf(35kN)
Max diameter Roundφ12mm/Shaped tab14x10inscribed Roundφ20mm/Shaped tabφ20inscribed
Max filling depth 18mm
Type of tooling special tabletting (single)
speed 30tab/min
Motor capacity 0.4kW 0.75kW
power 100 / 110V 200 / 220V
weight 200kg 240kg
size ・400(W)×520(D)×1210(H) *1
・520(W)×650(D)×1340(H) *2
(When manual handle is not installed)
(When manual handle is not installed)
Other equipment Digital pressure gauge / quantity counter / manual operation
Supplier Public Office / University Laboratory / Pharmaceutical / Health Food / Chemical Manufacturer
Warranty period 1year

*1:Other equipment/*2:Specifications with option


Display the insertion depth of the upper punch Adjusting the insertion depth of the upper punch and the filling amount of powder will determine the tableting pressure. This function displays the insertion depth of the upper punch on the touch panel. (There is no display function when there is no option)
Control of tableting pressure Enter upper and lower limits of tableting pressure and automatically stop when exceeding (falling below) the setting value.
Count control Enter the target quantity and automatically stop at the set value.
Output of tablet data A function to output data (peak value) of tableting pressure (in the case of addition of discharge pressure monitoring option) to a personal computer.
Discharge pressure monitoring*3 Add a sensor that can measure discharge pressure.

*3:It is not possible to add only the discharge pressure monitoring function.