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Q & A on simple tablet forming machine HANDTAB · AUTOTAB

Where can I buy HANDTAB · AUTOTAB? Can I buy them individually?
We sell directly at our company. Please contact us if you considering using a trading company or a distributor. We are sorry, but we do not sell to individual customers.
What is the IPT standard punch for HANDTAB-200?
The IPT standard is an industry standard for punches and dies for rotary tableting machine (tableting machines for mass production). The advantage of having these tools available for HANDTAB-200 is that it also can be used with rotary tableting machines already in your factory or laboratory. For customers who do not have a rotary tableting machine, we recommend the HANDTAB-100.
What is the production capacity of HANDTAB?
Since this is a manual system, it depends on the operator’s working speed. Except for the initial setting, it takes about 30 to 40 seconds to create 1 tablet.
Can HANDTAB-100R be used for tableting ordinary tablets that are not ring tablets?
Of course you can. Just replace the punch and die with one for ordinary locks.
What is the minimum millimeters of tablets that can be made?
For both HANDTAB and AUTOTAB, a small diameter of about 5 mm is recommended. If you need smaller one than that, it is recommended that the main body of the machine be designed exclusively for small-diameter locks in advance. By doing so, a lock with a diameter of up to 1 mm will be available.
Can any powders be made into tablets?
No, it cannot. Depending on their properties, some powders cannot be molded no matter how much pressure is applied. Especially those powders containing a large amount of water or oil cannot be molded. In case of AUTOTAB-500, the powder must also have a certain degree of fluidity to be tableted.
Are there any other equipments / machines required for tableting?
Once the powder suitable for tableting is prepared, it can be done with a tableting machine alone. However, there are many cases in which mixing and granulation is required depending on the powder, and such equipment may be necessary depending on the situation.
Is it possible to see the actual HANDTAB / AUTOTAB and its demonstration?
We have a demonstration unit available. Please visit us to see demonstration. We also exhibit at exhibition shows, so please contact us for details.
Is it possible for you to do a test tableting with the actual powder?
If you send us your powder, we will test it for free. However, we may not accept hazardous materials or powders that require granulation. The free test is limited to 2 samples.