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Q & A on simple tablet forming machine HANDTAB · AUTOTAB

Where can I buy HANDTAB · AUTOTAB? Can I buy it individually?
We are direct selling at our company. Please contact us when considering via a trading company / dealer. We are sorry for individual customers, but we do not sell.
What is the IPT standard of HANDTAB-200?
The IPT standard is the industry standard of piercing for rotary tabletting machine (tabletting machine for mass production). The advantage of using the punch in HANDTAB-200 is that it allows you to share a punch when you have a rotary tablet press in factories or research laboratories inside the company already. We recommend HANDTAB-100 for customers who do not have a rotary tableting machine.
What is the production capacity of HANDTAB?
It is manual type, so it depends on work speed of workers. Except for the initial setting, it takes about 30 to 40 seconds to create 1 tablet.
Can HANDTAB – 100 R be used to tablet ordinary tablets not ring tablets?
Of course you can. Just replace the pincushon with a one for ordinary lock.
How many millimeter can a small tablet be?
Both HANDTAB and AUTOTAB recommend a small diameter of about 5 mm. In the case of less than that, we recommend that the main body be specially designed for small diameter locks in advance. When dedicated for small diameter lock, it is possible up to about 1 mm.
Can any powder be a tablet?
can not. Depending on the nature of the powder, some can not be molded with the application of pressure. Those containing much moisture and oil in powder can not be tabletted. In the case of AUTOTAB-500, tabletting is impossible unless the fluidity of the powder is somewhat poor.
Is there any other equipment / machine required for tabletting?
Once powder suitable for tabletting can be prepared, it can be tabletted only with a tableting machine. However, as mixing and granulation are often required depending on the powder, these devices may be necessary depending on the situation.
Can you see the real or demo of HANDTAB · AUTOTAB?
We have a demonstration machine for our company. We will demonstrate if you can come.
We also exhibit at exhibitions etc, so please contact us for details.
Can you test tablet with real powder?
If you can send the powder, we will test it for free. However, we may refuse dangerous goods and powders that require granulation.
Free tests are limited to 2 samples.