Full auto tableting machine AUTOTAB-200 SERIES 200/200W/200TR Full auto tableting machine AUTOTAB-200 SERIES 200/200W/200TR

Max tableting speed6 tab/min

For prototyping of tablets tabletting test

IPT (TSM) standard can be used.It is an automatic tableting testing machine with easy operation with touch panel.


Model for single layer tablet AUTOTAB-200

If you enter tableting pressure and quantity, it will automatically operate continuously.
Even if you change the pressure little by little, you just specify the setting value on the touch panel.

Two layer tablet and three layer tablet  AUTOTAB-200W/200TR

Two or three powder feeders are carried.
As well as single layer tablets, tableting of laminated tablets is possible.
You can also tablet tablets with optional tablets.


Ideal for tabletting test of about 1 to 100 tablets.

In the AUTOTAB-200 series, full-scale tableting is possible with simple operation.
It is suitable for tableting little by little by changing conditions.



mint tab




Features of the AUTOTAB-200 series

  • Easy operation

    Easy operation

    By touch panel operation, numerical values and pressure such as pressure, filling depth, upper punch insertion depth, quantity, etc. can be easily controlled. It is also effective for tabletting experiments where reproducibility is important.

  • IPT (TSM) standard can be used.

    IPT (TSM) standard can be used.

    You can use IPT tools. You can tablet various types of tablets by replacing the tablet tooling.

  • Excellent usability

    Excellent usability

    Three-sided door with wide opening. Tablet tooling exchange is also easy.

    • Two layer(200W) and three layer tablet(200TR)

      Two layer(200W) and three layer tablet(200TR)

      200W has two powder feeders.
      / 200TR has three
      You can set the filling amount and preload of the first and second layers.(Upper punches dedicated to laminated tablets are required.)
    • Dry corted tablet option

      Dry corted tablet option

      In the three-layered tablet specification, replacing the third layer with the core table unit can compress the tablets.
      (Preparation is necessary separately for core tablets)

    • Made in Japan

      Designed and manufactured by our company.
      After-sales is also safe.

    • Safety design

      The body is covered with a panel, and the three side doors are interlocked.
      The upper and lower punches are programmed not to collide.

    • Compact and easy to install and move

      Because it is a stylish appearance, there is no intimidation feeling even if it is installed in the laboratory.

    • Full automatic

      Although the tableting speed is never fast, continuous tabletting is possible under stable conditions. Minimal sample loading is sufficient for hopper.

    • You can export tablet data.

      It is possible to monitor the tableting pressure / discharge pressure with the touch panel and output it to the PC via USB connection. * Installation of dedicated connection software is required.

    • Air purge option

      When tableting 2layer / 3layer tablets, blow off the powder remaining in the mortar plate with air and collect dust (separately prepare dust collector) to reduce contamination of other layer powder .






Types of tablets Single-layer +2 layer +3 layer tablet (OP:+Dry corted tablet)
Max pressure 4tf(40kN)
Max diameter φ16mm(IPT/TSM-B) / φ23mm(IPT/TSM-D)
Max filling depth 18mm
Type of tooling IPT/TSM-B or D *3
Speed 12-20sec/1tab 2layer:20-sec/1tab 3layer:30-sec/1tab
Motor capacity 0.8kW
power 100/110 or 200/220V
weight 180kg 220kg 240kg
size 400(W)×500(D)×1540(H) 500(W)×500(D)×1540(H) 600(W)×500(D)×1540(H)
Capacity of hopper 100cc 70cc×2 70cc×3
Supplier Public Office / University Laboratory / Pharmaceutical / Health Food / Chemical Manufacturer
Warranty period 1 year